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Hey there! I'm Jane K, a passionate creator and entrepreneur who wears many hats but cherishes the most important one – that of a loving mom. At 30 I left my nursing career in the NICU to stay at home with my family and watch our children. I soon found myself dabbling with the idea of joining forces with my parents' wedding backdrop company. Covid hit the world so we did a full pivot to an all online company on etsy offering bespoke signage. Our shop has grown into something more than we could have imagined, so here we are! 

As a mom, I've always been inspired by the beauty of life's most precious moments, and that's what drives my work. I understand the importance of commemorating special occasions like weddings, welcoming a new member to the family with nursery signage, and creating a unique ambiance for events that leave lasting memories. This understanding has been the driving force behind my venture.

With a strong creative background that I left before becoming a nurse, I have a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep appreciation for the power of visual communication. I pour my heart and soul into every sign I create, ensuring that each piece exudes love, joy, and creativity. Whether it's a rustic wooden sign for a rustic wedding, an adorable nursery name sign, or a captivating event sign that sets the tone for your celebration, I'm committed to delivering the highest quality products that resonate with your vision.

I take great pride in working closely with my clients, understanding their unique preferences and ensuring that every piece is not just a sign but a piece of their story.

When I'm not immersed in the world of sign making, you'll find me embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood, always striving to find that perfect balance. My family is my greatest motivation and source of strength, and they're the reason I push myself to excel in everything I do. They are also the reason you will more than likely hear little girls giggling in the background of our calls when creating custom creations for you!

I'm so grateful to be on this remarkable journey, turning my passion into a thriving business while being there for my family. I look forward to creating meaningful and cherished signs for you and helping you celebrate life's beautiful moments with style and elegance. Thank you for considering me as your partner in crafting those unforgettable memories.


Lake Mary, Florida





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